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It negates the very principle of love that a man should be in an affair. That is lust, selfishness, covetousness, or plain wickedness putting on the garment of love. Love, in the context of a relationship, is usually exclusive to partners involved. It doesn't play the Father Christmas with the affection, time, and commitment that should have been directed to its partner. So, the terrific feeling of attraction you have for that married woman is not and cannot be love.

It would be a total mockery of this concept to call such love. If indeed you love the woman, you would refrain from doing anything that can harm her and destroy her joy of which having an affair with her is one. Retreat with new people and Rekonnect your love at free dating sites uk. A post shared by Rekonnect rekonnect on Oct 11, at 1: Of course, being a man that you are, you know what is best for you and no one can probably know what you're going through except yourself. Dating a married woman may sound theoretically unwise, but then, only you know why you're going for it.

However, There are some extremely important implications for this way of life which you are planning to embark upon.

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  7. The Pros and Cons of Dating a Married Woman.

To this extent, therefore, you may wish to consider these pieces of advice which probably can help you make an informed decision or completely back off the plan. They are nothing but pieces of advice of which it is going to be up to you to either accept or reject. This is what some people call the golden rule. And to be frank, most of us wouldn't be doing what we're doing to others today if we would put ourselves in their position. Just imagine if you were the husband whose wife is dating another man outside; how would you feel? The chances are that you would feel betrayed; incapable of performing your role as a husband; and perhaps, dejected.

You are probably going to hurt the man who is sharing your wife with you if it's in your power to do so. And, come to think of it; that may be the end of your relationship with that woman. Those are the things that you could do if you were the husband of the married woman cheating. Do you really wish to cause a fellow human being all of these pains? Please don't say you do not know the situation can aggravate to that extent; in fact, that's the least of the end result of your planned action.

Only in a very few situations do homes where an affair has taken place remain as lovely as it used to be. The result is usually not palatable, and where partners do not even separate and are able to heal the wounds, the ugly scars would still be there. The husband may find it hard to trust his wife anymore, and that is in itself, is a big problem. If it is therefore not your wish to destroy another man's home, you will do well to reconsider your stance and take a U-turn.

What you cannot take if done to you, why do it to others? Yes, take stock of those things attracting you to her.

I Am In Love With A Married Woman

Sometimes, the things that attract men to certain women may appear significant until they're written down. When you write down the cons of dating this married woman, keep it somewhere and then revisit it at another time or day. When next you pick up this book that you have written those things down, ruminate carefully on them and mark out from what you have written down those things that you cannot get from another woman. In other words, how many of the things you have written down are completely exclusive to this married woman you're planning on dating?

You are probably not going to have anything on the list to mark. That's because for every point you write as a reason for wanting to have an affair with her, you probably can find other women who are still single out there possessing such if not even better. So, you may just discover you have been contending with something good while there are better things at your beck and call. One of the likely outcomes of a discovered affair is divorce.

In this case, since it is the woman that is married, she is the one to lose her husband and home. In the event that that eventually happens, would you be willing to marry her? Is she actually the perfect woman in your own estimation? This is one thing you have to consider critically before delving into an affair with a married woman. If things go awry with her family, she has no other port of call than your place.

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All of the promises you have made for her would now be put to the test. Consider how messed up the situation can turn into if you are not prepared to have a family currently. Yes, you can always deny her and even avoid her if she's thrown out of her home by her husband but what happens to your conscience?

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How often do you think you'll be able to sleep at night when you remember that someone's life is in shambles just because of a misguided feeling you misinterpret for love? I don't think you love to be caught up in a scandal, or do you? But that's one thing you may not be able to avoid if you fall into this kind of situation. What if the woman becomes a bone in your throat profession-wise?

She goes around threatening she's going to divulge every secret information about you and her if you don't dance to her music. And you start running from pillar to post to meet up. Do you want this kind of life? In the streets of Bologna, a lonely statue wanted to get some attention. People in the street were just too absorbed to see her as more than a piece of metal.

She tried her best: The guy was not looking. She moved to extreme measures to be noticed: All in vain, he was still entranced by his phone, not conscious of what the hand of the statue was doing Italy Bologna statue statueenjoyingherself distractedman streetadventure noinnuendoatall. A post shared by Michael Oo mikomoozles on Jul 11, at 7: If you have a mission to accomplish in life particularly in your career, having an affair should be the last thing on your mind.

Everybody knows that without a commitment to a course, success can hardly be guaranteed.

You need to concentrate and devote all your potentials to your target before it can be achieved. It takes a lot of effort to remain in an affair with a married woman. You will have to do a lot of scheming and planning to remain undetected even for a month.

So You’re Dating a Married Woman.

And you know of course that such affair comes with a financial responsibility. Some of the energies that could have been channeled into a productive outfit would be used to hold on to a woman who already has her husband. It can be very distracting. You will find it hard to concentrate and even when both of you are together, the fear of not being found out would still be there. I am ready to leave my gf to be with her. I feel like she wants me and her husband; this is killing me; I just want to be with her more than anything. We exchanged numbers and subsequently I found out she was married from her.

This is really about two people accidentally falling in love after one has been married. The problem is that I am now totally in love with her. I am sure that she feels the same way about me. She is my soul mate, and she says the same about me. We are so special together and I know in my heart that we are supposed to be with each other. The problem is that she says she is in so much pain over the whole affair. She says she does not have enough strength to end our affair and keeps begging me to end it. I have told her that I love her too much and that I could never end it….

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My life is being blown apart. I love this woman more than I ever though possible to love someone and just do not know what to do. Yesterday she called me to tell me that her husband found out about our affair and he knows who I am and said that I will pay for it. When I try to talk to her about it, she takes it like a girl in love would take a breakup, horribly, and its so hard to get a chance to talk to her in private when we can actually resolve issues.

I love her kids and they love me but they see me as her friend nothing else they would feel betrayed.

How falling in love with a married woman ruins your life | Daily Mail Online

For the sake of our children we need to remain married for now. I have always viewed our relationship as just one long booty call. However she has told me she is in love with me and she is going to file for divorce from her husband. She told me she wants to be together forever and she intends on telling her husband everything. I realize I have done wrong and want to end the relationship. I am a personal trainer at this gym. This moral dilemma can only be answered by you. In many cases, a married woman is playing the field simply to find a physical relationship.

However, the married woman you date may fall in love with you or decide to end her marriage to be with you. It's important to be clear about your relationship from the beginning, so that the woman you're dating doesn't throw her family life away only to find out that you are not looking for a serious commitment. It will be difficult to break up with a woman who sacrificed everything to be with you. If you are looking for a serious relationship, getting involved with a married woman is not the best way to go. First, many married women who have affairs are not looking to end their marriages, meaning you could be putting your time and emotions into a dead-end relationship.

Secondly, women and men who cheat on their spouses once will likely cheat again, meaning you can never truly trust a woman who leaves her husband to be with you. You may eventually find yourself on the other side of this situation if you stay with a cheater.