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Now, you already have an adorable work of art and can frame it right now! Layer 3 Personalize It Even More! This is where I think this project would be fabulous for a wedding gift. After you make one and have a template, you can just personalize it with the couple's name and wedding date.

Here is what you can do: Click on your document and a text box will appear. Type in text you want. This is a great place to put the couples first or last name, their wedding date etc.

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I ended up doing two text boxes: For my project I used Frebooter Script for the names and The Blue Cabin for the wedding date but there are thousands of free fonts to choose from! Now you want to position your text box to just the right place. Place the text box about where you think it should go on the page and then print on a separate piece of paper NOT your final product with your background and overlay. You should be able to see if it matches up where it should go or not. Continue to adjust your text box and print like this until you have it in just the right spot!

Also take into consideration the frame you will be using. Most likely you will place this in an 8x10 frame and your paper is 8. Remember that you will likely be trimming!

Zapisz się do naszego newslettera

Now you are ready to print! You now have your final product! Most likely you will need to trim your layered art work if you are going to use an 8x10 frame. This actually makes the product even better because it will put your background right to the edge! Although the steps seem lengthy, it really is super fast especially after you have made one! I couldn't just make one so I ended up making some for friends too!

There are so many possibilities for this type of project! This would be a beautiful wedding or anniversary gift for any couple. I love that it can be done at home and is very inexpensive, but most of all, that it is personal! You can get all of Leah's beautiful printables right here to get started on your own project: When you are done with your project - send us a picture of your creation and make sure to head on over to Leah's website to see what other amazing things she has created!

Anniversary – The Dating Divas

Date Night is served What's on the docket for your upcoming date night?! We have 3 different date night cards for you to choose from! Yup, that's 3 date nights already planned for YOU! Can't find a sitter? That's no excuse to skip date night. Your tokens may have you engaging in a friendly push up contest and then working together on baking some tasty cookies! A sitter has come to your rescue and you have the night to yourself!

Play a little Out on the Town Bingo! It may lead you to a store to pick up a card for your spouse to exchange at the end of date night or kissing at every red light! OR if you're feeling a little more romantic and are looking for a way to have fun in the bedroom, try the Intimate Bingo Card!

A hot massage or a steamy shower might be in your future!

Dating Divas Suite Retreat

If your spouse's or kid's birthday is near, play our Birthday Bingo as well! If you are still on the hunt for a romantic, meaningful but still simple and inexpensive gift idea for your man, then Today is your lucky day!!! We have an idea that we think you are gonna LOVE We fell in love with the idea the second we saw it! Heck- I want to do this for my daughters one day when they go away to college. It's such a sweet sentiment and a beautiful way to show some love.

How lucky are YOU?! Want to know what all of the envelope labels say? Just cut and glue the labels to your choice of envelopes. Then use the coordinating blank cards to write your own personalized love letter to match the label's theme. Print out as many pages as you need. Nothing says I love you more than a date night that is all about them! And, ahem, you might just get a turn too! I love to be spoiled. For this date night, you get to spoil your spouse to the max!

This date night is planned completely around what they love to do.

You get the idea! Start off by inviting your spouse to their special date night. In addition to getting your spouse excited about the date night with the invite, have them fill out the printable request menu with their desired requests for the evening.

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The great thing about this date is how easy it will be to plan! They basically planned it out for you - you just have to implement the plan. Remember - this night is all about making them feel loved! When it comes to the actual date night, put the printable door hanger on your doorknob and let the spoiling begin!

As the invite promised, you will " treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness and care " So - do it! Smother them with love and affection all night long! Remember - this is their night and if that is what they choose - put a smile on your face and enjoy it! Marriage is about compromise, but not tonight! If your spouse is up for returning the favor - now it is their turn to spoil you. And the best part? So download these designs and get pampering! You AND your spouse deserve it! Spoiled Spouse Free Printables.

Whatever you decide to do - the most important part is to make your spouse feel special! Record the best memories of the year!!! This is the perfect idea to help you two celebrate the new year or an anniversary. Spend date night capturing your favorite moments together. Cherish each and every memory by filling out these keepsake pages that will help you remember each and every amazing moment of the past year.

These year in reviews are perfect for the new year or an anniversary celebration. How gorgeous are these?! She really worked to get these just perfect for you! She is so talented, head on over and see why we love her so much! In this printable bundle you will find 4 different year in reviews. Each printable has a spot for a photo, so find your best shot before you get started. For best results print onto white card stock.

There is a little something for everyone! Spend date nights filling out these gorgeous printables. Our Year In Review. It's time to celebrate the new year and your marriage! This year in review is all about the two of you. Capture all of your favorite memories, your victories, and changes over the past year. Our Family Year In Review. In a growing family it is important to record all of your best moments. This year in review will give the two of you an opportunity to have a family night.

Grab the snacks and start dishing your favorite stories! Our "Favorites" Year In Review. You know those moments that you want to hang onto forever?! Fill out this printable and these memories will stay fresh as you cherish them for years to come.

Date Your Spouse With 12 Sporty Dates from The Dating Divas

Our Travel Year In Review. Are you two always itching to discover the newest, freshest, and loveliest of places? If you both have the traveling bug, then this printable is for you! Write a story about your favorite travels together during this past year. Frame these and leave out to view during the coming year. These would also be perfect to send out to your dearest family and friends.